My Puzzle Collection

This is my puzzle inventory page.
Total number of puzzles listed on this page: 923


These are puzzles where the object is to put them together. They are grouped into 3 categories:

  (a) 2-dimensional: These are puzzles that lay flat.  The object
        is usually to put all the pieces into a container, to arrange
        all the pieces into a shape, or to arrange all the pieces such
        that certain colors or patterns line-up.
  (b) 3-dimensional: These are puzzles that are 3-dimensional.  They
        differ from TYPE-3 (interlocking solids) in that they do not
        interlock when you put them together.  The object is usually
        to make some shape (cube, pyramid, etc) or to line-up colors
        or shapes.
  (c) Balancing: I made-up this category, because I had some puzzles
        such as "Architest" that I didn't know how to categorize.
        These are puzzles where the object is to balance something(s)
        on top of something else.

The Hatching Egg David Corp Egg shape broken into pieces
Frustration Chas. J. Gantt square imprint with jagged edges
Horse puzzle Sam Lloyd Make the 2 riders ride the horses
Tricky Stock Norsk same color tiles mustnt touch
Tri-Square Mag-Nif 4 pieces, make a square
(7 piece puzzle) Chas. J. Gantt 7 pieces, form various shapes
Hexy Puzzle Chas. J. Gantt 12 pieces fit into tray
Voodoo Kohner 7 pieces, form various shapes
Hi-Jinx Kohner 7 pieces, form various shapes
? ? sq. block w/ diff imprint each face
One Tough Puzzle Grt Amer Puz factory 9 pieces, each w/ dia/hear/club/spade
Bali-Buttons P.B.S. 4x4, make so no dup piece in col/row
Cross Puzzle Shackman 6 pieces, form a cross
Drive Ya Nuts Milton Bradley 7 hex pieces, align adjacent #s
Heads & Tails Howard R. Swift Arrange 9 pieces, line-up like edges
Think Tac Toe Pressman Arrange pieces to make TicTacToe bd
Magic T Mechanical Servants 4 pieces form a capitol T
Double Trouble Mechanical Servants 5 pieces form square or rectangle
2 Squares & Cross ? 5 pieces form a 2squares & a cross
3 Squares ? 4 pieces make 3 squares
Formastar ? 5 pieces form a star
Square Puzzle Mechanical Servants 4 pieces form a square
Tangrams (various) 5 pieces, make various shapes
Jee-Ho Barron/Scott 7 pieces, make various shapes
Double Cross Mag-Nif 4 pieces form 2 crosses
Snowflake puz Binary Arts Build shapes with hex pieces
Fitz Puzzle Block ? 8 piece square, makes other shapes
? Pressman 9-piece, circle
4 T puzzle Binary Arts Fit 4 T's into the square
Butterfly Puzzle Binary Arts Fit 9 butterflies into triangle
Magic Triangle Heye 9 triangles, like cats align (also rats, tricky-ickies)
Matching Puzzle Great Am. Puz factor 3x3 square, like sides align
H.P. Puzzle III ? 8-tiles align like colors
Wisdom Puzzle Plonpos? Taiwan 7-pieces, fit into box
Dr. Puzzle board R.O.C. 9-piece circle, fit into case
The Devil Puzzle Bits & Pieces 7 pieces make star & other shapes
Brick by Brick Binary Arts Make shapes with brick-shaped pieces
? ? manipulate to line-up 36-arrows
? ? Fit 8 squares so like-color dots align
Blockade Bits & Pieces 7 pieces w/holes fit on base w/pegs
? Invicta Plastics Ltd Base w/plastic pieces, matchstick puzs
Micro Pocket puz Carlisle Co. 4x4 square, match bird pieces
I.Q. Puzzle Petoy 8-pc Circle, fit into case
Disapearng square Dollar Tree Dist. Both 16 & 17 peices fit into square
Diamond Soul Channel Craft Fit wooden pieces into checkerboard diamond
Burmuda Triangle University Games Fit pieces into pyramid
Adams Cube Henry Adams Fit 5 peices into various shapes on cube
Vess Cola puz Vess Cola Arrange 3x3 w/ like colors, bottle pieces
Tantrix Family Games Inc Make color loops w/ up to 10 pcs
Packing Arrows Bits & Pieces Fit 4 arrows into square
Packing Quarters Bits & Pieces Fit 9 quarter-circles into square
City Puzzle Binary Arts Fit 6 city pieces into sqaure
Hercules Puzzle Makers Int'l Fit 5 identical pieces into square
Something Fishy Melissa & Doug 18 pcs fit in tray & make stream of fish
Lucky 7 Melissa & Doug 7 blocks fit into square tray
Super Start Melissa & Doug 10 pieces fit into star-shaped tray
Checkerboard Puzl Plas-trix Co Form an 8x8 checkerboard
The Puzzling Zoo Nemmelgeb Murr Arrange 3x3 pcs w/ animal pcs to lock them
Raging Rapids Thinkfun (bin. arts) Fit 12 paddlers in raft facing front
Star Cluster Bits & Pieces Fit 3 pieces in trangular tray
Kwazy Quilt Kohner Fit 13 pieces into tray
Alum. Cats Tray Bits & Pieces Fit 4 cats into aluminum tray
Houses &Factories Bits & Pieces Fit 2 houses/3 factories into tray
Bonbons Albatross Games Ltd Arrange 8 layers so only 1 color showing
Transposer 6 Albatross Games Ltd Arrange 6 triangls so only 1 color showing
Nonagon Family Games Inc. Fit 12 pieces into 9-sided tray
C-Box Dilema Games Fit 4 pieces into square tray
ELLIPSE Woodead Make elipse shape from 5 wood pieces
FRUITER Woodead Make fruit-tree shape from 4 wood pieces
Eleven L's Puz Creative Crafthouse Fit 11 same-shaped pieces into square area
City of Manhattan Dalloz Move metal peg & fit wooden peices of city skyline
Crazy Cheese Puz Arrange 9 cheese peices so all holes are round
The Taxi Puzzle Bits & Pieces 7 pieces make a taxi
Sliding puz Squar Bits & Pieces Add 7th piece & make a square
Sliding puz Trian Bits & Pieces Add 7th piece & make a traingle
34 Skidoo Hoi Polloi, Inc Arrange 16 numbered blocks as a magic square
The Life Quest Swan-Son Make a square w/ 5 cardboard pieces
Chiclets Puzzle Synergistics Rsrch Assemble 12-piece rectangle shaped like chiclets
  Type 1A: PUT TOGETHER PUZZLES, 2-dimensional - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_1a_01 puz_1a_02 puz_1a_03 puz_1a_04 puz_1a_05 puz_1a_06 puz_1a_07 puz_1a_08 puz_1a_09 puz_1a_10 puz_1a_11 puz_1a_12 puz_1a_13 puz_1a_14 puz_1a_15

Impuzables Blue Lakeside Games Similar to SOMA cube
Impuzables Green Lakeside Games Similar to SOMA cube
Impuzables Red Lakeside Games Similar to SOMA cube
Force Feild Mattel 4x4 cube with magnets
Digi-Disc Niddo Industries Rotate disks to make equations =
Box of Blocks 2 Chas Gantt Fit the blocks in the box
The Broken Die Chas. Gantt Assemble into a giant die
Red Line Chas. Gantt Make continious red line w/ cubes
Dice puzzle Shackman Assemble into a giant die
(Rhombic Cube) ? Assemble into a rhombic cube
Soma cube Parker Brothers Build 3x3x3 cube or other shapes
Cob Web Reiss Games Ball inside of sticks & strings
Create-A-Cubes Skor-Mor Corp Wooden version of SOMA cube
Tower Puzzle Magneto Fit pieces into tower
Astro Puzzle Reiss Gyroscope-looking object in 8 peices
Octacube ? 2x2 cube; like color spots each face
Eggs in a crate Bits & Pieces Fit connected balls into the crate
Treasure in Wood Bits & Pieces Fit 12 tiles into the box
Happy Cube Happy Puzzle Co Ltd Build cube from 6 pieces (6 variations: yel/grn/pur/red/blu/ora)
? ? 2x2x2 cube w/Escher print on each face
Wave Puzzle Crazy Countryboy 20 wavy pieces make rectangular block
ISHI ? Get 4 rhombic pieces into box
? ? 3 pieces make a pyramid
Concept 5 ? Connected cubes make block/other shapes
Jumping King Tut Bits & Pieces Place magnetic mummy in tomb
Third Degree Bits & Pieces Fit 3 rhombic wood pieces in hex case
Ribik's ??? Matchbox? 10 pieces make pyramid/like colors/side
? Press-print 6 pieces fit to make cube w/holes
4 piece Pyramid Binary Arts 4-pieces build a pyramid
Bamboozler Bits & Pieces Stack dif. sized pieces of bamboo
Discon Bits & Pieces Stack disks & pegs to make cylindar
A Square Deal Bits & Pieces Make cube w/ peices hung on 4 sticks
Woody Cube/Nankai Bits & Pieces/Japan 6 cube faces only fit one way
PuzCube World map Bits & Pieces 6 cube faces only fit one way
Prairie Dog Town Binary Arts Stack holed pieces w/ prairie dogs
Loopy Lings Golf Binary Arts Stack holed pieces w/ golf balls
49-steps Pentangle 27 cubes, get 2/1 colors in each row
Fantastic Island Skunk Games 7 pieces fit in box or make pyramids
TiPi Bits & Pieces Pyramid shaped w/sticks, ball in middle
The Great Wall Spilsbury Puzzle Co Make wall/other shapes w/woodend pieces
Metropolis DaMert Company 7 pcs make 3x3x3 cube w/city skyline
Morph Dr Peter Hajek 4 pcs, fit into each of 3 compartments
Saikoro Bits & Pieces Assemble into a giant die
? Bits & Pieces 3x3x3 wood cube, checkerboard faces
The Zen Puzzle Charles O. Perry 5 brass rods fit into plastic case
Pyrra Design Science toys 15 wood pieces make pyramid
Rubik's bricks Oddz On, Inc Make shapes w/ 9 3-block peices
Match'em High University Games stack 5 blocks so pipes are connected
Block-by-Block Binary Arts Another SOMA cube
Log Stacker Elverson Puzzle Co Fit the logs into the box
Tower of Power Bits & Pieces Fit 6 blocks so 6 symbols show each side
Hippo Haven Binary Arts Pack the 6 hippo-heads w/rods flat
Serpent Cube Mandalay Box Co Twist wood serpent back into a cube
Rainbow TwistCube Pappa Geppettos Toys Twist 12-cube string into shapes
Tee'd off Bits & Pieces 8-pc metal golf ball on tee-stand
Puzzle Bar Pentangle Wooden peices make a candy bar
Cerebrum The Orb Factroy LTD Stack wood pcs into 2x2x5 tower
4 cube puzzle Binary Arts Arrange blocks so like colors touch
Quantum Knot Design Science Toys Wood pcs w/ magnets make a knot
Camelot DaMert Company Build castle using 12 pieces
Checkered Chalng Bits & Peices Assemble checkerboard pattern wood cube
Pegged for Troubl Bits & Peices Fit pegs thru disk into base
Star Puzzle Bits & Peices Make star w/ 12 wood pcs & 12 sticks
Tetra Design Science Toys 4 wood pcs make a tetrahedron
Polar Bear Bits & Peices Plastic polar bear
Clive Cube Puzzle Makers Inter Put 6 rods into cube
Mind Madness Huntar Company, Inc Make soccer ball w/ magnetic pieces
Clive Cube Simon Nightengale Put magnetic cube in box
3D Geometrex Rex Games Inc Fit extra block into 9-pc puz
Backlog Bits & Pieces Slide 8 dowels into frame
CUBRA blue Parker Hilton Ltd Twist 27 blocks into cube shape
The Blockhouse Bartl GmbH Wooden, like Soma but makes a house
On The Level ? Arrange 9 pcs w/ adjoining pcs at same lvl
Magna Cube TOYS International 8-pc cube puzzle with magnets
Cubic Insanity Bits & Pieces 8-pc cube w/ 12 penetrating rods
T-Party Bits & Pieces Fit 4 T-shaped pieces into metal box
Khufu's Pyramid Mandalay Box Company 5-pc wooden pyramid
Active Pack James Galt & Co Ltd 13-pc colorful plastic 2D/3D puzzle
Hexagon Puzzle Made in China 12-pc plastic makes 6-sided block
6-piece cube Melissa & Doug Wooden cube puzzle for ages 6 and up
Cube Conundrum House of Marbles 7-pcs, 4 identical
Logs in a box Bits and pieces Fit the 8 logs into tray
6 Key Mine Bits and pieces Fit the 6 keys into the sphere
Steel Pyramid Bits and pieces 6 steel pieces make a tetrahedron
Baseball Pyramid UseYourHeadUnlimited Build pyramid of baseballs w/o like colors touching
9 post packing Bits and pieces Place metal peices on 9 posts to form cube
The Fifth Chair ThinkFun Inc. Build large chair from 4 smaller pcs
K-Dron Janusz Kapusta Tangram in 3 dimensions
8 Rods Puzzle Bits & Pieces 8 brass rods fit into rectangle
The Galaxy Bits & Pieces 35 rods & 20 balls make a ball
Globe puzzle Corners of the world magnetic jigsaw pieces make a globe
Bedlam Cube Bedlam Puzzles Ltd 13 pieces make a 4x4x4 cube
Cube Packing Puzl Bits & Pieces 7 pieces fit inside darkwood frame
Double Octagon Bx Bits & Pieces 8 panels w/ dif. sized tabs fit into top/bottom
Apothecary Puzzle Bits & Pieces Fit 16 wood pieces w/ metal loops into frame
Stick structure 12 sticks fit into 8 wood triangles
Item #8134 Toysmith Free ball from 12 balls/dowels, then re-assemble
Gold Skull Puzzle Hawthorne Direct LLC Assemble gold skull in clear cube
Complex Cube Fit pieces in cube-shaped 6x6x6 box
High Roller Fit pieces in cube-shaped dice box
Vegas Baby Make cube with dice faces on all 6 sides
The Magic Cube Der Zauberwurfel 7 wooden pieces make 3x3x3 cube
Spliting Headache creative crafthouse 9 wood pieces make 3x3x3 cube
IQ Fit Smart Games Fit 3-D peices into 2-D rectangle
LabTest: Cell Puz 20 triangles & 30 wood dowels fit together
Bamboo Amzng Cube Bits & Pieces Insert the metal peice into the bamboo cube
IQ Test d-ring Go! Games Austin TX Assemble 6 semi-circle shaped wood pcs
Gopher Holes Fit 4 peices into wood box w/ holey top
  Type 1B: PUT TOGETHER PUZZLES, 3-dimensional - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_1b_01 puz_1b_02 puz_1b_03 puz_1b_04 puz_1b_05 puz_1b_06 puz_1b_07 puz_1b_08 puz_1b_09 puz_1b_10 puz_1b_11 puz_1b_12 puz_1b_13 puz_1b_14 puz_1b_15 puz_1b_16 puz_1b_17 puz_1b_18 puz_1b_19

Architest Tim Leefeldt Lift 6 nails with the 7th nail
Architest II Tim Leefeldt Lift tripod of 3 nails w/ 4th nail
10 Nails on 1 ? Balance 9 nails on the 10th
Drop inthe Bucket Bits & Pieces Balance pail/ball on sticks
Balancing Dice Bits & Pieces Balance wood dice on it's corner
Urchin Toys International Balance wooden star on wood block
  Type 1C: PUT TOGETHER PUZZLES, balancing - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)


These are puzzles where the object is to take them apart. These are not to be confused with Type-4 (disentanglement) puzzles, in which the object is to untangle or get a ring off. Sometimes I'm not sure if something should be Type-4 or Type-2, so there is a fine line.
I group these slightly differently from the way Jerry Slocum does. I've come up with these 3 categories:

  (a) puzzle boxes: These are boxes where the puzzle is to figure
        out how to open them.
  (b) miscellaneous: These include puzzles that a secret compartment 
        that you have to find, or puzzles where you just have to
        figure out how to dismantle them.
  (c) Locks & Keys

TYPE-2-A: TAKE APART PUZZLES, puzzle boxes
Magic Box Magnif Open the plain cube box
Secret box Bits & Pieces 7 steps to open wooden box
Flower Box Puzzle Makers Inter. Open wooden box w/ flower on top
Octagon secret box Bits & Pieces Open octagonal box
Crown Box Bits & Pieces Open the crown-shaped box
Button Box Bits & Pieces Open oval box w/ button on top
Ribbon Secret box Bits & Pieces Open wood box w/ wood ribbon
Kamei Heart Box Bits & Pieces Open heart-shaped wood box
Croquet puz box ? Open box w/ mini-croquet pcs inside
Double Drawer box Bits & Pieces Open the drawers
Snap Box Puzzle Makers Inter Open the wooden box
Spring mini box Bits & Pieces Open spring-loaded sm wooden box
Dot mini box Bits & Pieces Open sm wooden box w dots
1pnl Treasure Chest Bits & Pieces Open wooden chest
Book Box Bits & Pieces Open wooden book-shaped box
Mini Secretbox Bits & Pieces Open wood box w brass hinge
Secret Corian Box Bits & Pieces Open faux marble box w sliding top
Secret Chamber Bits & Pieces Open box w 2 hex knobs on top
Mini Book Box Bits & Pieces Open drawer in book-shaped box
Frog Box Bits & Pieces Frog-shaped wooden box
Secret Box w/ Key Bits & Pieces Open wooden box w/ wooden key
Long Narrow Box ? Long wood box w/4 long chambers
Piano box ? Piano shaped box w/ 4 pieces
Dice Coin Bank ? How to open the cubical coin bank
Pandoras box Bits & Pieces Open rectangular wood box with dark spots on sides
Kamei Box Bits & Pieces Open wooden box
Eclipse Secret bx Bits & Pieces Open wooden box w/ rounded edges
Disap. Money Chest Bits & Pieces Open wooden money-chest box
Celtic Secret Box Bits & Pieces Open wooden box w/ celtic symbol
Matchbox Puzzle Bits & Pieces Open drawer in wooden box w/ knob
Snap Latch Box Bits & Pieces Open wooden box w/ fake latch
Shut case box Eric Fuller Open wooden rectangular box
Secret Drawer Box Bits & Pieces Discover how to open drawer
Enigma Secret Box Bits & Pieces Open hinged box w/ gold oval on top
Secret Round Box Bits & Pieces Open hinged box that's round but flat on one side
Secret Box 1 Bits & Pieces Open wooden box w/ slots on side & disk on top
Greek Secret Box Bits & Pieces Open wooden box w/ slot on side & ornate stuff on top
  Type 2A: TAKE APART PUZZLES, puzzle boxes - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_2a_01 puz_2a_02 puz_2a_03 puz_2a_04 puz_2a_05 puz_2a_06 puz_2a_07

TYPE-2-B: TAKE APART PUZZLES, miscellaneous
Jerry Slocums puz (home-made) Seperate 2 pieces of wood
Hasel Grove box (home-made) Take the peices out of the block
(nut & bolt) ? Remove the nut from the bolt
Takitapart various wood puzzle with coin in 4th quadrant
Cerebral Rings Magnif Position 6 red pistons to take apart
Four Square Magnif Remove marble from 4th quadrant
3-D Maze (home-made) Remove marble from hole in wood block
? ? 2 wood pieces, take cross apart
Magic Treasure box Chu's magic Co Ltd Get coin out of plastic treasure chest
Old Ball Game ? Ball w/sticks in cylindrical cage
Rook Bits & Pieces Get pawn out of large metal rook
Alcatraz puzzle ? Remove ball from cage
Metal Ball Remove Bits & Pieces Remove ball from wood with bolt
Bottleneck puzzle Innovation Ind Inc Get rod with screw/bolt out of bottle
Brass cannon puz Bits & Pieces Get cannonball out of the brass cannon
Impossible Puzzler Bits & Pieces Remove Coin from bolt in wood block
? ? 4 piece jigsaw, square shaped
? ? Remove 5 wood pieces from wood ring
Gravity Well Bits & Pieces 3 metal rings w/ sphere in the middle
Square Cube Bank Bits & Pieces How to open the cubical coin bank
Tri-'N'-Do-It Bits & Pieces Wooden, 3 discs with 3 pegs
Pick-a-Peg Bits & Pieces Get penny out of wood disk w/2 pegs
Three Bunnies Bits & Pieces dismantle/re-assemble 3 wooden pieces
Pyramid in Cage Bits & Pieces Remove pyramid from cage
Fire Plug Bits & Pieces Open fireplug & get dog out
Barricade Bits & Pieces Assemble discs w/ poles on outside
Bilz Box T.E. Brang, Inc Remove bill by moving ball thru maze
Jailbreak Bits & Pieces Remove ball from metal cage
Yot HI-Q Products, Inc Remove silver dollar from metal disk
Spider Box Puzzle Makers Inter. Remove balls from box w/spider picture
Spark Plug Channel Craft Remove Spark plug from wooden case
Time in a Bottle Bits & Pieces Remove lock/chain from bottle
Octagon w/Rings Puzzle Makers Inter. Remove ring from wood w/octagonal pc
The Pawn Puzzle Puzzle Makers Inter. Remove coin from aluminum pawn
Dice Box Bits & Pieces Open the wooden dice-shaped box
Sputnik in Cube Puzzle Makers Inter. Get cube out of piece w/ holes in it
Amazing Chewdini Binary Arts Get Chewdini mouse out of cheese
Danzig's Dilemma Lagoon games Separate 2 wood pcs w/ dovetail joint
Driving me nuts Channel Craft Remove bolt from wooden case
Brass Bolt Bits & Pieces Remove washer from the brass bolt
Coin Remove puzzle Bits & Pieces Remove washer from nail in wooden block
Jacob's Revenge Elverson Puzzle Co Get marble in bottle neck
King Puzzle Bits & Pieces Get coin out of lg metal Chess King
Loco-Motion M.O. VanDeventer Slide handle w/ train coin out of tray
Pick Me Up Cones Bits & Pieces Remove 5 cones from tray
Jailbait Spilsbury Puzzle Co Remove spiked ball from cylindrical cage
Internal Combustion Bits & Pieces Remove alum pcs from alum block
Hofman's Barrel Bits & Pieces Remove ball from aluminum barrel
Black Hole Bits & Pieces Remove ball from 2 metal pcs
Lighthouse Bits & Pieces Remove ring from lighthouse
Treasure chest Bits & Pieces Try to open the brass chest
Dont Tee Me Off TOYS International Remove the 3 golf balls
Eureka bottle 1 Eureka Bvba Remove nut/bolt from rod in botle
Eureka bottle 2 Eureka Bvba Free wooden bead from bottle
Eureka bottle 3 Eureka Bvba Free wooden cross from bottle
Excaliber Puzzle Makers Inter Remove the sword from the stone
Beehive Puzzle Makers Inter Open beehive & get the bee out
The H Puzzle Puzzle Makers Inter Get H-shaped piece out
Two Cubes Puzzle Makers Inter Remove 2 wood cubes from frame
Dont Push My Buttons Toys International Open wooden cage
Dont Count On It Toys International Remove bill from wooden frame
Buffalo Nickel Pz Oskar Van Deventer Open lg metal Nickel
Dont Break the Bank Toys International Open wooden bank
Rolling Pin Bits & Pieces Take Rolling Pin Apart
Butter Churn Bits & Pieces Take Butter Churn Apart
Bottle w/red balls Bits & Pieces Remove string/balls from bottle
Coin Removal Bits & Pieces Remove coin from wood block
Secrt Sliding Box Bits & Pieces Open wood box w brass hinge
Oscar's Blocks Bits & Pieces Take apart 3 metal pcs
Captive Star Bits & Pieces Remove star from cylinder
Big Wheel Oskar Van Deventer Remove wheel from track
Holey Bolt Bits & Pieces Move nut on chain to other side of bolt
Remove The Marbles Bits & Pieces Remove marbles from tube in cage
Cross w/ Wood Ring Bits & Pieces Take apart cross w/ ring
Pentagon Box Bits & Pieces 5 sided box w/ secret compartment
Aluminum Clover Bits & Pieces 4 identical pcs linked together
Prison Block Bits & Pieces Remove metal wafer from block
Stuck Bolt teaser Bits & Pieces Remove bolt from wood block
3 bar cube teaser Bits & Pieces Remove 3 pegs from wood cube
Thunderbolt puzle Bits & Pieces Remove nut w/ pin thru it from bolt
Button Prison Bits & Pieces Remove button from wooden prism
O-Hex Bits & Pieces Take apart wooden star-shaped object
Yin and Yang Doug Engel Take apart 4 metal yinyang shaped pcs
No Mulligans Channel Craft Remove golf ball from wooden block
Gordian's Knot Thinkfun inc Slide 6 colored pcs till they come apart
Lost Luggage Bits & Pieces Remove wood block from 2-pc wood cage
Two Fishes Doug Engel Separate 2 lg fish w/ 2 smaller fish inside
Impossicube Bits & Pieces Take apart 2-piece aluminum cube
Hidden scroll puz Bits & Pieces Remove scroll from aluminum cross
Thumb Wrestling Bits & Pieces Separate metal hands
Lift Off Thinkfun inc Remove ball w/o shaking base
Metal Butterfly Doug Engel Take apart the butterfly w/ marbles
Locked Sticks Dilema Games Fit 8 rods into wooden rectangle
Cross Puzzle Dilema Games Take apart wood pieces; resembles takitapart
Writer's Block Recenttoys Internat Click pens in various combos to open door
Curly Cube Vladimir Krasnoukhov 3-pc metal cube
Great Collision Bits & Pieces Free ball from 3 metal "galaxies"
Trinity Infinity Doug Engel Take appart/re-assemble 3-pc metal figure-8
9 pc lazer cube Derek Corbin Take appart/re-assemble 9-pc wood cube
Threebus Mobius Doug Engel Take appart/re-assemble 2-pc metal triangle
EZ Atom Doug Engel Take appart 2-pc metal loops w/ marble in middle
Knot Simple Doug Engel Take appart 3-pc metal J-shaped pcs
Woods Dilemma Dilemma Games Remove golfball from tee inside wooden cage
Pyramid Puzzle Doug Engel Take apart 3-pc brass pyramid
EZ Unlink Puz Doug Engel Take apart/re-assemble star w/ 4 triangular pcs
EZ Galaxy Doug Engel Take apart/re-assemble 3-pc w/ marble inside
Brass Jax Rocky Chiaro Take apart star (shaped like jacks piece)
UFO Puzzle &Stnd Bits & Pieces Take apart 12 flat peices in plastic disk on stand
EZ-I Metal Puzzle Douglass Engel Take apart ring in 2 squares inside larger ring
Galaxy Hanayama cast puzle Take apart 4 identical curved peices w/ colars
Box Hanayama cast puzle Take ring off of metal box
Hexagon Hanayama cast puzle Remove 3 peices from hexagon frame
Mobius Hanayama cast puzle Remove ring from mobius strip
L'oeuf Hanayama cast puzle Separate 2 flat egg-shaped peices
Violin Hanayama cast puzle Take apart 3 violin-like peices
Padlock Hanayama cast puzle Take apart the lock
helix Hanayama cast puzle Take ring off of star
Bolt inside cage Bits & Pieces Remove bolt from wood cage
Roof Nut & Bolt Bits & Pieces Remove bolt from wooden contraption
Cylindar Hanayama cast puzle Take apart 2-pc ring w/ 3-pc middle
Twist Hanayama cast puzle Take apart 2 U-shaped pieces
Infinity Hanayama cast puzle Take apart infinity-symbol shape
U&U Hanayama cast puzle Take apart 2 metal U-bolts
H&H Hanayama cast puzle Take apart 2 metal H-shaped pcs
Nutcase Hanayama cast puzle Take apart bolt with 2 nuts
Baroq Hanayama cast puzle Take apart 2 curly metal peices
  Type 2B: TAKE APART PUZZLES, miscellaneous - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_2b_01 puz_2b_02 puz_2b_03 puz_2b_04 puz_2b_05 puz_2b_06 puz_2b_07 puz_2b_08 puz_2b_09 puz_2b_10 puz_2b_11 puz_2b_12

(Puzzle lock) (home-made) Wooden lock, fom "Puzzles Old & New"
Lunatic Lock Bits & Pieces Open lock; lock has bolt in middle
The SherLock Bits & Pieces Open lock with the key
Bashful Lock Fun Incoperated Open lock (behind your back)
Key Element Bits & Pieces Get ring off of skeleten key
Brass Key Ring Bits & Pieces Remove Key from ring
Behind Bars Puzzle Makers Inter. Remove key from wood w/bars
Lockout Kishor Gordhandas Use key to open lock
Heart Lock Bits & Pieces heart-shaped lock w/ 2 keys
Smiley Lock Bits & Pieces Wooden circular lock w 5 pegs
Lock Puzzle Bits & Pieces Wooden lock w acrylic dials
  Type 2C: TAKE APART PUZZLES, locks & keys - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_2c_01 puz_2c_02


These are puzzles that interlock. There are 5 sub-types:

 (A) Figures: These are puzzles that are shaped like an animal,
       a car, a boat, etc
 (B) Geometric: These are geometric shapes (cube, sphere, etc)
 (C) 3-D Jigsaws: These are puzzles that are like a jigsaw puzzle,
       but 3-dimensional.
 (D) Burrs: These are usually made of wood, and are somewhat
       geometric but differ from (B) above.  I'm not sure how
       to define these, but you know them when you see them.
 (E) Keychain: These are basically figures like in (A) but are 
       small and on a keychain.

(Lion) ? Wooden puzzle shaped like a Lion
Puzzle Pistol ? Wooden puzzle shaped like a Pistol
Tank Johnson-Smith catalg Wooden puzzle shaped like a Tank
(boat) Johnson-Smith catalg Wooden puzzle shaped like a boat
(wolf) Johnson-Smith catalg Wooden puzzle shaped like a wolf
(airplane) Johnson-Smith catalg Wooden puzzle shaped like a airplane
(train) ? Wooden puzzle shaped like a Train
(train) Kawada Plastic puzzle shaped like a Train
(Girafe) ? Wooden puzzle shaped like a Girafe
Puzzle Ring (many) 4-pieces of thick, twisted silver
Puzzle Ring (many) 4-pieces of thin, twisted silver
Puzzle Ring (many) 12-pieces of twisted metal
Dolphin Puz Ring Puzzle Makers Int 3-pcs metal w/ dolphins on face
9 of swords Bits & Pieces Wood block w/9 swords in it
Pagoda Puz Tower Bits & Pieces Pagoda shaped wooden puzzle
Steam Boat Bits & Pieces Steam-boat shaped wooden puzzle
Horse 4D Puzzle Toysmith 25 plastic piece horse
Elephant Yamanaka Kumiki wks Wooden puzzle shaped like an Elephant
China House Bits & Pieces Wooden puzzle shaped like a house/gate
Battleship ? Wooden puzzle shaped like a battleship
Oli Stripe Oliblock 11 pc plastic, shaped like bar of soap
(pig) ? Wooden puzzle shaped like a Pig
Lindbergs Spirit Wooden puzzle shaped like a plane
Miller Puzzle Synergistics Rsrch 8 sides assemble to make can of Miller beer
The Ship Puzzle Dilemma games Wooden puzzle shaped like a Ship
  Type 3A: INTERLOCKING SOLIDS, figures - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_3a_01 puz_3a_02 puz_3a_03 puz_3a_04 puz_3a_05

? Johnson-Smith catalg 6 piece, interlocking rings
Six Stix Chas. J. Gantt 6 slabs of wood
? ? 3 slabs of wood make a cross
? ? 6 X-shaped plastic pieces
Curious Cross MagNif 3 plastic peices that interlock
IQ Puzzle ? Block w/10 dowels pushed thru
Glingle Ball Handsome Rewards 30 identical wire peices
Cube (many) Classic 12-piece wood cube
Diamond Puzzle ? Like cube with beveled edges
Barrel Puzzle ? Like cube but barrel shaped
Ball Puzzle ? Like cube but sphere shaped
? ? 6 curvy pieces of platic interlock
Satellite Puzzle Pussy plastic, shaped like old sea-mine
Multiplicity Reiss 18 rectangular peices, like a burr
Hextix 3M Company 12 hex-shaped rods
Tangle Pussy plastic, 3-D snowflake shaped
? ? 6-piece square puzzle
Aries ? 6-piece puzzle
Trick Star Pussy Plastic star-shaped puzzle
Dodeca Tensegrity Systems 4 piece Rhombidodecahedron
David's Flower Bits & Pieces 6 wood pieces (3dark/3lite) make star
? ? 6 circles interlock
? ? 6 pieces make a 3-D cross
Astro Puzzle Pussy 6 semi-circles interlock
Hexon Pussy 6 spiked circles interlock
Tangle Pussy 6 pieces make a star
? ? 3 peices plastic makes a burr-like obj
Miscarried Model Bits & Pieces 7 pieces make star-shape
IQube IQube Company I/S 2 sets of 4 identicle pieces make cube
ball in burr CE Wintech? 12-piece plastic burr w/ ball inside
? Pussy 44-pc plastic cube w/ grooves
Lucky Star Bits & Pieces 24-pc wood puz w/ triangles & dowels
Ancient Key Design Science Toys 6 wood pcs & 1 dowel make cube
Triple Decker Puzzle Makers Inter Interlock 6 idenical metal pieces
Star 3 pc Puzzle Bits & Pieces Star shaped, 6 pcs despite name
#791 (1 of 3) Cardinal Industries 9 lg dowels w/ 9 small dowels pushed thru them
Flower Puzzle Dilemma Games 9 pc wooden star
Global Puzzle 6-pc wooden globe
  Type 3B: INTERLOCKING SOLIDS, geometric - photos
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puz_3b_01 puz_3b_02 puz_3b_03 puz_3b_04 puz_3b_05 puz_3b_06 puz_3b_07 puz_3b_08

Wreck-tangles Scobis, Ltd Wooden 3-D Jigsaw, ~12 pieces
Adams Apple MagNif Apple-shaped 3-D jigsaw
(hamburger) ? Hamburger-shaped puzzle
The Family Jewel MagNif Diamond shaped 3-D Jigsaw
Scrambled Egg MagNif Egg-shaped 3-D Jigsaw
? ? Cube shaped wooden 3-D jigsaw
? Wood cube w/ swirl cut on 4 sides
Aligator Ray Barrieau Wood alligator w/ fish inside
Coral Fish 1 Fame Master Ltd Plastic Copperband Butterfly Fish
Coral Fish 2 Fame Master Ltd Plastic Clown Triggerish
Coral Fish 3 Fame Master Ltd Plastic Seahorse
Coral Fish 4 Fame Master Ltd Plastic Lion Fish
Wine Glass Puzzle Bits & Pieces Wooden Wine Glass
Wine Bottle Puzl Bits & Pieces Wooden Wine bottle
Beer Mug Bits & Pieces Wooden frothy beer mug
Cake Wood Puzzle Bits & Pieces Wooden cake with icecream
Sundae Wood Puzzl Bits & Pieces Wooden Icecream Sundae
Tree Frog 1 Bits & Pieces Plastic Red Tree Frog
Tree Frog 2 Bits & Pieces Plastic Blue Tree Frog
Tree Frog 3 Bits & Pieces Plastic Green Tree Frog
Tree Frog 4 Bits & Pieces Plastic Yellow Tree Frog
3D CrystalPyramid Bits & Pieces Pyramid shaped 3-D jigsaw
Wooden Apple Puz Bits & Pieces Apple w/ worm 3-D jigsaw
Wine Barrel Bits & Pieces Wooden keg of beer
Egg Greenbrier Int'l Inc Plastic Egg
Dog Crystal Puz Made in China Dog 3-D jigsaw
  Type 3C: INTERLOCKING SOLIDS, 3-D jigsaws - photos
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puz_3c_01 puz_3c_02 puz_3c_03 puz_3c_04

Devil of a puzzle Chas. J. Gantt 12 identical peices
Kriss Kross Chas. J. Gantt 6-pieces
PolyBurr Ole Uncle Smiley 24-pieces
CrossBurr Ole Uncle Smiley 12-pieces
MiniStar Ole Uncle Smiley 9-pieces
PolyCross Ole Uncle Smiley 15-pieces
The Star Ole Uncle Smiley ?-pieces
? Johnson Smith catalg ?-pieces
Jaks Chas. J. Gantt 3-pieces
Puzzle Block S.S. Adams Co. 12 identical peices, plastic
3-piece Burr ? 3-pieces
Lunatic Puzzle Pentagle 4 long pieces, many short ones
Gem Cut Puzzle Makers Inter. 24-pieces
Double Cross Bits & Pieces 7-pieces, cross in cage
Dovetail Burr Bits & Pieces 6-pieces, pairs connected by dvtail
Boxed Burr Bits & Pieces 4-pieces, fit inside of a cube
Czech Wood Ball Bits & Pieces 6 identical pieces make a ball
Xeon Molecule puz Scor-mor 12 identical piece plastic burr
#791 (1 of 3) Cardinal Industries 12 pc burr
Cross in a Cage House of Marbles 3 pc burr inside 12 pc burr
Boxed 6 pc Burr Frans de Vreugd 6 pc burr inside box (aka mysterious panels)
Egg Puzzle 3D Dilemma games 9-pc football shaped burr
Executive Puzzle ? 3-pc burr made of solid (heavy) brass
Times Square Dilemma games 8 pcs make square tray w/ hole in middle
Three Pieces Puzl Bits & Pieces 3 light & 3 dark wood pieces
Arch Burr Puzzle Oscar van Deventer 6 bowed metal pcs (3 lg, 3 small)
Galactic 6-pc wooden burr somewhat sphere shaped
IQ-TEST Patience 9-pc wooden burr in a sardine-can
  Type 3D: INTERLOCKING SOLIDS, burrs - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_3d_01 puz_3d_02 puz_3d_03 puz_3d_04

Car puzzle Mechanical Servants Keychain w/ car-shaped puzzle
Lorry puzzle Mechanical Servants Keychain w/ truck-shaped puzzle
Heart Mechanical Servants Keychain w/ heart-shaped puzzle
Truck puzzle Mechanical Servants Keychain w/ dump-truck-shaped puzzle
Ball Pussy Keychain w/ ball-shaped puzzle
Robot Pussy Keychain w/ Robot-shaped puzzle
Cowboy on Horse ? Keychain w/ Large cowboy on horse
Cowboy on Bronco ? Keychain w/ cowboy on buckin horse
Rocket ? Keychain w/ rocket puzzle
Barrell ? Keychain w/ barrell puzzle
Cube ? Keychain w/ cube puzzle
Train ? Keychain w/ Train puzzle
Elephant standing ? Keychain w/ Elephant standing
Elephant running ? Keychain w/ Elephant running
Stagecoach ? Keychain w/ Stagecoach puzzle
Gun ? Keychain w/ Gun-shapped puzzle
Dog ? Keychain w/ scotty dog
Shmoo ? Keychain w/ Shmoo puzzle
Duck ? Keychain w/ duck puzzle
Bowling pin ? Keychain w/ bowling pin puzzle
Drop ? Keychain w/ Egg-shaped puzzle
Model T Ford ? Keychain w/ Ford Model T car
Mexican on Burro ? Keychain w/ Mexican on a burro
Dragonfly ? Keychain w/ Dragonfly
Race Car ? Keychain w/ Racecar
Airplane ? Keychain w/ prop plane
Tug Boat ? Keychain w/ boat
sm Airplane ? Keychain w/ small airplane
Baseball Player ? Keychain w/ baseball player
Indian on Horse ? Keychain w/ Indian on horse
Firetruck ? Keychain w/ firetruck
Sailboat ? Keychain w/ sailboat
Howdy Doody ? Keychain w/ Howdy-doody
Action Cannon ? Keychain w/ Cannon
Tank ? Keychain w/ Tank
Jet plane ? Keychain w/ Jet plane
Horseshoe/horse ? Keychain w/ horse in horseshoe
Clown Head ? Keychain w/ clown head
Scarab beetle ? Keychain w/ beetle
nu-car Plas-trix co, NY Keychain w/ car & license plate
Long car Lional Keychain w/ very long old car
Willys Jeep ? Keychain w/ jeep
Football ? Keychain w/ Football
  Type 3E: INTERLOCKING SOLIDS, keychain - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_3e_01 puz_3e_02 puz_3e_03 puz_3e_04 puz_3e_05


These are puzzles where the object is seperate pieces, remove a piece, or otherwise disentangle something. They are grouped into 3 categories:

  (a) cast-iron: These are puzzles that are made of cast-iron.  They
        are typically very big & heavy (such as the ones made by
        Tavern Puzzles), but some fit in the palm of your hand (such
        as the ones from NOB Studio).
  (b) wire: These are puzzles that are made of bent wire.  The
        object is usually to sperate the pieces.  These can be
        as simple as 2 bent nails or as elaborate as an intricate
        wire sculpture where one piece comes off.
  (c) string: These are puzzles that have a rope or a string
        involved.  Typically, you have to get a ring off or get
        a loop of string off of a wooden piece.

Dirty Dog Tavern Puzzles Remove the U-shaped bar w/ring at end
A-B-C Puzzle NOB Studio Remove the C from the AB
Keys NOB Studio Seperate the 2 keys
Horse NOB Studio Seperate 3rd horseshoe from other 2
Elk NOB Studio Seperate the 2 pieces
S&S NOB Studio Seperate the 2 S-shaped pieces
Star NOB Studio Seperate the star from the oval
Shackled Ring Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from 2 connected horseshoes
Clef Hanger Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from music-clef shape
Conestoga Puzzle Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from clover-shape
? Diamond? Remove Loop from horseshoe w/ U-bar
Flag NOB Studio Get the 2 flags out from main piece
Amour NOB Studio Get 2 rings off of the heart
Long Island Catch Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from fish-shaped piece
Matched Set Tavern Puzzles Remove long-loop from oval pieces
Derby Uncles Puzzles Remove long-loop from derby-shaped pcs
U-turn Tavern Puzzles Remove ring w/ball from U & trangle
Big Kahuna Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from curved metal mass
Liberty Bell Bits & Pieces Remove ring from tiny cast iron tangle
Trapped Blade Bits & Pieces Remove ring from tiny cast iron knife
Tri Again Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from cast iron pieces
Freedoms Ring Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from bell shaped pieces
Double Trouble Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from chain & cast iron
BlackbeardRevenge Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from anchor shaped pieces
Wise Guy Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from horseshoes & triangles
Fish on a Hook Bits & Pieces Remove hook from fish
Key II Hanayama (Nob) Separate the 2 keys
Cricket Hanayama (Nob) Separate the 6-sided star from frame
Disk Hanayama (Nob) Separate the 2 disks
Horse Hanayama (Nob) Separate 3rd horseshoe from the other 2
Enigma Hanayama (Nob) Separate 3 curly pieces
Elk Hanayama (Nob) Separate the 2 jagged pieces
Chain Hanayama (Nob) Separate the 3 C-shaped pieces
NEWS Hanayama (Nob) Separate the 2 barbell-shaped pieces
Doozie Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from mess of metal
Black Jack Tavern Puzzles Remove shuttle from mess of metal
Best Ever Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from mess of metal
Travelers woe Tavern Puzzles Remove wavy shuttle from mess of metal
Cast Spiral Hanayama (Nob) Separate the 5 pieces of the metal disk
Cast Vortex Hanayama (Nob) Separate the 3 metal pieces
Cast Cuby Hanayama (Nob) Remove quarter-sphere shaped piece from cube
Painted Lady Tavern Puzzles Remove ring from butterfly shape
Cast Coaster Hanayama (Nob) Separate/re-assemble 3 piece coaster
Cast Marble Hanayama (Nob) Remove 2-pc marble from 2-pc cube
Cast Violon Hanayama (Nob) Separate the 3 peices (level 2)
Cast Quartet Hanayama (Nob) Separate the 6 square pieces (level 6)
Cast Equa Hanayama (Nob) Separate the 3 round peices from the triangle
Tetrametric Hawthorne Direct LLC 6 pcs w/ loops on each end make pyramid
  Type 4A: DISENTANGLEMENT PUZZLES, cast iron - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_4a_01 puz_4a_02 puz_4a_03 puz_4a_04 puz_4a_05 puz_4a_06 puz_4a_07

Landis Links Evermore Industries Remove ring from triangle/club-shape
Loop the Loop Howard R. Swift Remove ring from loops/triangle
Arm-N-A-Leg Howard R. Swift Remove ring from tangled mess
4 Rung Ladder Howard R. Swift Remove long-loop from 4-rung ladder
Ladder puzzle Howard R. Swift Remove long-loop from 2-rung ladder
Brainbuster Winray Products, Inc Plastic version of Chinese Rings puz
A-1 Kawada Co. Ltd Remove ring from 2 horse-shoes
A-2 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate 2 curved pieces
A-3 Kawada Co. Ltd Remove heart from bow
A-4 Kawada Co. Ltd Remove small twist from double-twist
A-5 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate 2 curved pieces
A-6 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate curved piece from triangle
B-1 Kawada Co. Ltd Remove ring from 3 other pieces
B-2 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate the 3 pieces
B-3 Kawada Co. Ltd Remove the chain from the coil
B-4 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate the pieces
B-5 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate 2 pieces
B-6 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate 2 pieces
C-1 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate ring from double-ring
C-2 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate 2 pieces
C-3 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate 2 pieces
C-5 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate 2 pieces
C-6 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate 3 pieces
F-1 Kawada Co. Ltd Remove 1 of the 2 rings
F-2 Kawada Co. Ltd Remove the ring
F-3 Kawada Co. Ltd Remove the large ring
F-4 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate the 3 pieces
F-5 Kawada Co. Ltd Remove the ring
F-6 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate the 3 pieces
(nails) Hausemann & Hotte Seperate the 2 bent nails
A Puzzle S.S. Adams Co. Remove ring from a-shaped pieces
Curly S.S. Adams Co. Remove elongated oval
Q's S.S. Adams Co. Seperate 2 Q-shaped pieces
Q's 2 S.S. Adams Co. Seperate 2 Q-shaped pieces
8 Kawada Co. Ltd Seperate figure-8 shaped pieces
? ? Seperate 2 pieces
? ? Seperate O-- shaped pieces
? ? Remove ring from coil (spring)
? ? Seperate 3 pieces
? ? Seperate the 2 rings
? ? Seperate the 2 triangles
? ? Seperate the 2 crossed-triangles
? ? Seperate the 2 rectangles
Thingamajig Puzzletts Get ring off
Trapeeze Puzzletts Get long loop-shaped piece off
Auto Puzzle Rick Irby Get steering wheel off car
? ? Seperate 2 curled-up U-shaped pieces
Trapeze Rick Irby Remove 2-peice ring from 2 squigglys
Girafe Internation puz&game Remove chain from Girafe shape
Dolphin Internation puz&game Remove ring from Dolphin shape
Elephant Internation puz&game Remove ring from Elephant shape
Dinosaur Internation puz&game Remove ring from Dinosaur shape
Rack Spilsbury Puzzle Co Remove long loop
Jigsaw Spilsbury Puzzle Co Remove floating ring
Mugzi Spilsbury Puzzle Co Remove long loop
Trapese Spilsbury Puzzle Co Remove long loop
Thingamajig Spilsbury Puzzle Co Remove long loop
Jailer Spilsbury Puzzle Co Remove string loop
Dead End Spilsbury Puzzle Co Remove floating ring
Ueey Spilsbury Puzzle Co Remove "U" shape
Chain Link Spilsbury Puzzle Co Remove 3 rings
Mugzi Spilsbury Puzzle Co Remove long loop
The Minotaur Puzzle Makers Inter. Remove long loop from curvy piece
Butterly Ruan Genquan, China Remove long ring from butterfly
Bunny Ruan Genquan, China Remove long ring from bunny
Fish Ruan Genquan, China Remove long ring from fish
Pear Ruan Genquan, China Remove long ring from pear
Plane Ruan Genquan, China Remove long ring from Plane
Person Ruan Genquan, China Remove long ring from person
Teapot Ruan Genquan, China Remove long ring from teapot
Tree Ruan Genquan, China Remove long ring from tree
Maze Ruan Genquan, China Remove long ring from maze
Clover Ruan Genquan, China Remove 3 rings from horseshoe/clover
Arrow Ruan Genquan, China Remove long ring from arrow
Horseshoe Ruan Genquan, China Remove 6 rings from horseshoes
Bild-a-bike Chad Valley 8-pc puzzle makes a bike
Cotton Gin Spring Pioneer Puzzles Remove ring from spring
Finger Twist Hand MindWare Remove ring from hand-shape
Finger Twist Duck MindWare Remove ring from duck-shape
Finger Twist Dog MindWare Remove ring from dog-shape
Puzzle Drum 1of4 Toysmith MindgameCol Remove ring from 4-section metal wires
Puzzle Drum 2of4 Toysmith MindgameCol Remove ring from 5-section metal wires
Celtic Cube Douglas A Engel Build cube from 6 wire pieces
Tetrametric Hawthorne Direct LLC 6 pcs w/ loops on each end make pyramid
  Type 4B: DISENTANGLEMENT PUZZLES, wire - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_4b_01 puz_4b_02 puz_4b_03 puz_4b_04 puz_4b_05 puz_4b_06 puz_4b_07

The Horse Binary Arts Remove string from the horse
The Cat Binary Arts Remove string from the cat
Puzzle-N Lumberjack Toys Remove ring from string/double-O
Puzzle-R Lumberjack Toys Remove ring from block/rope
Puzzle-M Lumberjack Toys Remove ring from string/6-poles
Puzzle-A Lumberjack Toys Remove ring from string/pole
Puzzle-E Lumberjack Toys Remove ring from rods w/balls
Model-M Scorpion Games, Inc Get ring off 3-rings & string
Blocks Cardinal Remove ring from wood/string
? (home-made) remove string from figure-8 wire
Topo Chas. J. Gantt Remove ring from disk/string
Loop & Ball Howard R. Swift Remove ring from string/ball/loop
Twin Loops Howard R. Swift Remove string w/balls from wire
Tongue Twister Howard R. Swift Remove cord from leather piece
Skull Puzzle Mechanical Servants Remove skull from string/paper
Swiss Cheeze (homemade) Remove mouse from the cheese
African Ball puz (homemade) Get 6 balls on one side
? ? Remove string from tangled wire
2 blocks Cardinal Remove string from the 2 blocks
rings Cardinal Remove ring from rings/blocks/string
Block & Tackle (homemade) Get both balls on one side
Horseshoes Cardinal Remove ring from horseshoes & string
Anvil Puzzler The Grail, Inc Remove sword from block/string
? ? Get rope off of arrow thru cup
? ? Get ring off rope thru cup
Tongue Twister Howard R. Swift Remove string from leather piece
Icarus's Kite Bits & Pieces Remove string from 2 wooden pieces
? ? Remove rope from figure 8 (Impossible)
? ? 4-drawers, 9-disks, string (object?)
Idiot Stick 3"stick w/2" loop, get off button-hole
The Ringleader Bits & Pieces Remove ring from wood/string
Fit to be Tied Bits & Pieces Remove ring from wood/string
Get a Handle on Bits & Pieces Remove cord from wood/wire
Worth the weight Bits & Pieces Remove ring from wood/string
Barrel Pioneer Puzzles Remove ring from wood/string
Provoke Great Amer. Trading Remove string from 2 curly metal pcs
Machanics Nightmr Bits & Pieces Move nut to bolt on other side of wrench
Golf With Ring Bits & Pieces Remove golfball from tee w/ ring & string
Golf With Tee Bits & Pieces Remove golfball from tee w/ string
Red Triangle Bits & Pieces Remove chain from triangle w/pegs & rope
Green Bar Bits & Pieces Remove ring from wood/string/peg
Dont break Bottle TOYS International Remove wood/string puzzle from wine bottle
Block Puzzle Mossy Creek woodwks Free wood block from balls/string/block
Twin Towers Puzzle Makers Intl. Remove ring from wood/string w/ 2 towers
Hangman Bits & Pieces Remove 2 rings from rope/wood-frame
Ring & String 2 Great Wood Internat. Remove rope from wood frame
Ring & String 3 Great Wood Internat. Remove rope from wood frame
Ring & String 4 Great Wood Internat. Remove wood ball from string
Dragon/Rings Lambert Bright Remove string from dragon
Crazy Eights Bits & Pieces Get like-colored balls together
Staircase Bits & Pieces Remove string from rods/rings
Ring & String #8 Bits & Pieces Move both balls to same side
Golf String Puzzl Bits & Pieces Move both balls to same side
Escape from Nox Bits & Pieces Remove string from 5 posts
Metal Strng loops Bits & Pieces Remove string w/ 2 balls at ends
Metal Strng 2 bar Bits & Pieces Remove string from metal stand
Loop Trap Think Fun Remove ring from string/plastic
Cliff Hanger Bits & Pieces Remove ring from chain on C-shaped base
Post Haste Bits & Pieces Remove chain from metal stand
Eye Opener Bits & Pieces Remove chain from stand w/ 4 loops
Brass Buckle Channel Craft & Dist Remove brass buckle from triangle & rope
Double Rings Thinkfun Inc Separate rings w/ rope-loops
Triple Tangle Wei-Hwa Huang Untangle 3 rings w/ 3 chains
HorseshoeIron Puz1 Bits & Pieces Untangle chain w/ 2 balls
HorseshoeIron Puz2 Bits & Pieces Untangle looped chain w/ ball
HorseshoeIron Puz3 Bits & Pieces Untangle chain w/ ring/balls/blocks
Love Box Puzzle Dilemma games Remove ring from string/box
Orbits Remove String from 4 posts/rings
  Type 4C: DISENTANGLEMENT PUZZLES, string - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_4c_01 puz_4c_02 puz_4c_03 puz_4c_04 puz_4c_05 puz_4c_06 puz_4c_07


These are puzzles that involve a series of moves or rotations to solve. The most famous of these is Rubik's Cube. They are grouped into 5 categories:

  (a) Solitaire: These are puzzles that play like a game, but you
        play by yourself.  Typically, they are games where you jump
        pegs over other pegs and try to leave one remaining.
  (b) Sequencer: These are puzzles on which you have to perform a
        sequence of moves to solve.  Usually, you know what the
        moves are but have to figure out the proper order in which
        to make them.
  (c) Sliding Block: Your classic sliding block puzzle is a flat
        square with space for 16 (4x4) little squares, but leaves
        one of the 16 empty.  You have to slide the other 15 around
        (you can only move one at a time) until you arrange them
        to make a picture or something.  There are many variaions
        on this, but the idea is usually the same.
  (d) Rotating Shape: This is where Rubik's cube fits in.  These
        puzzles are usually cubes, pyramids, spheres, or something
        geometric, and you usually have to rotate them to get colors
        or numbers lined up.
  (e) Maze & Route: These are puzzles that involve a maze.

Think & Jump Pressman Jump pegs & leave one remaining
Bandits of the Natchez Trace Parris Manuf. Co. Get all pegs to the other side
Hi-Q Kohner Jump pegs & leave one remaining
IQ tester Venture Mfg. Co. Jump pegs & leave one remaining
Swap Squares Venture Mfg. Co. Swap positions of blue/whi pegs
Tric-Trac Venture Mfg. Co. Fill 7 of 8 hoes with pegs
Zodiac IQ tester Venture Mfg. Co. Leave last peg in your zodiac sign
Shuttle Puzzle Berea College Ind. Exchange colors left/right
Turn about peg Drueke Blue Chip Transfer red/green pegs
Solo Edibauer Jump pegs leaving one remaining
Hoppers Binary Arts Frogs jump; 40 cards w/start positions
Double Diamond Setko Jump 16 pcs from top-left to bottom-rt
River Crossing Find path across river - 40 variations
  Type 5A: SEQUENTIAL MOVEMENT PUZZLES, solitaire - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_5a_01 puz_5a_02 puz_5a_03 puz_5a_04 puz_5a_05

Jiu Lian Huan Eng's IQ Co. Ltd Hook the sword onto the 9th ring
Devil's Needle World Wide Games Remove needle from 7 rings
Spin Out Binary Arts Remove center peice w/ 7 knobs
Hexadecimal Puz Binary Arts Slide out the center peice
Re-stack 'em Parris Manuf. Co. Basic "Tower of Hanoi" puzzle
Brain Puzzle Mag-nif Move all 8 sticks out
Rack'em Up Tomy Move levers/tilt to line-up colors
Liminations Random House Tilt to make colored lights come on
Rubik's Clock Matchbox Make 9 clocks lign-up
Orderly Fashion Bits & Pieces Exchange beads w/rotating dowels
Brainstring Orig Recenttoys Int'l Interchange colored string ends in cube
Brainstring Advanced Recenttoys Int'l Un-knot the colored string ends in rhomboid
  Type 5B: SEQUENTIAL MOVEMENT PUZZLES, sequencer - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_5b_01 puz_5b_02 puz_5b_03 puz_5b_04

1-15 puzzle (various) Arrange #'s 1-15
14-15 puzzle Sam Loyd Arrange #'s 1-15 (impossible)
Tricky Arrow Norsk Move arrow to bottom by sliding
? ? Make as many words across & down
Sliding block various Make a picture or saying (happy face, xmas tree, frog, etc)
CrossWiz American Publishing Arrange sliding blks into Xword puz
World Map ? Sliding block map of the world
IQ Colour Printing Ltd Get only 1 of each symbol per row/col
Tsukuda's Square Gabriel Move by pressing 5 buttons
Flying Puz Repro. J.W. Lorbek Jr. Move "plane" piece from NY to Paris
Mint Man Kelrack Ltd. Slide blocks to get mints out
$100 cup Express Yourself Inc Sliding block $100 bill on a cup
Traffic Jam Binary Arts Move trucks & cars off of board
Square Root Square Root Co. Slide wood blocks & get square out
Dirty Dozen Square Root Co. Slide wood blocks & get square out
Stormy Seas Binary Arts Slide boat out; multiple setups
5pc Sliding Puz Puzzle makers Inter. Get square into 4-pc frame
Slide Master Dan Gilbert 2-level sliding block w/dogs, bones, etc
Morph'n Motion Fred DaMert 3x3 w/pic of eagle/jet
Free Throw University Games Get basktball by sliding lg sq pc to bottm
Fancy Squares Puz Puzzle makers Inter. slide blocks w/ 4 start positions
Work-or-Golf Binary Arts Interchange words WORK & GOLF
Roadside Rescue Binary Arts Similar to Traffic Jam but bigger
Pepsi puz bank Made in China Shaped like pepsi can, 39 tiles
Sliding Beetle Bits and Pieces 8 pieces, interchange red/yel squares
The Slider Bits and Pieces (metal versin of 5pc Sliding Puz)
2 sliding squares Bits and Pieces 2-layered pieces are square on bottom
  Type 5C: SEQUENTIAL MOVEMENT PUZZLES, sliding block - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_5c_01 puz_5c_02 puz_5c_03 puz_5c_04 puz_5c_05 puz_5c_06 puz_5c_07 puz_5c_08

Rubik's Cube Ideal Toy Corp. 3x3x3 cube, get all sides same color
? Ideal Toy Corp. Spherical version of rubics cube
Rubiks pcket cube Ideal? 2x2x2 rubik's cube
Rubik's Revenge Ideal Toy Corp. 4x4x4 rubik's cube
Rubik's Professor Seven Towns Ltd. 5x5x5 rubik's cube
Pyraminx Tomy Get all 4 sides of pyramid same color
Puzzler Avenger Go Images, Inc. Group all 5 colors together
Missing Link Ideal Toy Corp. 3-D sliding block, Restore all 4 chains
Spectra Eng's IQ Co. Ltd Align disks so like colors touch
Gripple M-squared 4x4, Arrange like colors in rows/cols
Hungarian Rings Starcrest Get like-color balls together
Rubics Rings Pocket Puzzles Get like-color balls together
? ? 3x3x3, get like-color marbles together
? Bloomingdales Get all white/red balls together
The Orb ? get like-color beads together
Alexander's Star Ideal Toy Corp. Get all sides same color, star shaped
? ? Get square-beads in rows same color
Babylon Tower R.O.C. Taiwan Get rows of beads same color
? Ideal? Rubic's cube w/ angled edges
Square 1 Irwin Toy Ltd like rubics cube; turns at angles too
Wisdom Ball Chiao-chih Research Spherical w/6 color circles x 6 nums
Top Spin Binary Arts Arange #s 1-20 in oval, circle moves 4
Back Spin Binary Arts Disk w/ 6 groups of colored balls/side
COMBO ? Hex shaped, align colors/#s on 6 sides
Smart Alex 2 MCH FUN Like Rubics cube, 4 hex pieces rotate
? ? 2x2 square, get purple top/green botom
Triple Cross Binary Arts Align dome & 3 dots by sliding pieces
SwitchBack Binary Arts Line up purple & blue balls
? Tri-Tec Industries Giant lock, set switches to change puz
Atomic Chaos University Games Move balls thru tubes & rotate halves
Puzzle Pen? ? Pen w/ 6-sided sliding colored tiles
Vadasz strt cube Island Communic. LLC 2x2x2 cube, slide blocks / match colors
Wooden Twister 1A Spilury Puzzle Co. Wooden twisting sphere w/4-color balls
Skewb Pressman Cube of diamonds & triangles
Mefferts challnge Pressman Ball w/4 colored rings
Tricky Disky Tricky Puzzles Ltd Match colors/symbols on disk w/ spires
Taz Puzzle Head Bits & Pieces 2x2x2 R-cube shaped like Tazmanian Devil
Tweety Puzzle Hd Bits & Pieces 2x2x2 R-cube shaped like Tweety's head
Masterball Made in Singapore black & white orb like rubics cube
Rubiks shells OddzOn (Hasbro) Group the colored balls by twisting
9 Ball Puzzle Binary Arts Get 9 billiard balls in order
Rubiks UFO Seven Towns Ltd Align colors on Flying Saucer
Cross Teaser DaMert Co, Auburn WA Disk w/ rotating color crosses
Calander bank ? Bank w/ colored pips w/ day of the month
Inversion Puzzle Toys & Games Intern. Slide to reverse red/blue faces of cubes
Mobius Line Toys & Games Intern. 12 sides rotate to make continous loop
Rubiks World Winning Moves Games 4x4x4 rubics cube shaped like a globe
K-Brain DaMert Company 2x2x2 R-cube shaped like a brain
Sudoku on a cube Westminster Rubiks cube w/ digits 1-9 on faces
BrainTwist puzzle Hoberman Flip & Twist pyramid to match colors on sides
Rubiks TouchCube Techno Source Electronic version of classic cube
Mirror Cube Hawthorne Direct LLC Asymetric rubics cube w/ single color
Rubiks Wood Cube Winning Moves Games 30th anniversary wooden classic cube
Rubiks Wood Cube Winning Moves Games 30th anniversary wooden classic cube
Quad Cube TDC games 4 co-joined 2x2 rubics cubes
Puzzle Ball Chenghai Yagao Toys Move colored balls inside soccer-ball to match holes
The Void Puzzle Rubiks cube with hole in middle (no center pieces)
Q7 Super Square 1 The Paragon Group Like Rubiks cube but round center odd shapes & 4 layers
Spinning Drum Rotate disks to align colored marbles in rows
Gear Ball Meffert's/RecentToys Twist ball full of gears & make colors line up
Mini Pyrastar Recent Toys Twist to get solid colors on each triangular side
  Type 5D: SEQUENTIAL MOVEMENT PUZZLES, rotating shape - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_5d_01 puz_5d_02 puz_5d_03 puz_5d_04 puz_5d_05 puz_5d_06 puz_5d_07 puz_5d_08

Maze Reiss Cube with maze on each side for marble
Star Trek Howard R. Swift Move ring from edge of disk to center
Minute Maze Mag-Nif Get ball thru maze before time expires
Amazers Tilton Toys Ltd Get ball through maze
Maze Ball Game Chiaote, R.O.C. Combonation sliding-block/maze puzzle
16-to-1 puzzle Bits & Pieces Cast Iron, Remove U-shaped from ring
Oskar's Cube Oskar van Deventer Move cross from squares to circles
? ? Move nut down screw by folling maze
Arungo Little Harbor Move metal clip thru wooden dowel maze
The Captive Key Puzzle Makers Inter. Maneuver ring onto the key
The Magic Wand Fascinations Move ball to top of sand-filled wand
Synapse The Orb Factory Get ball thru route by twisting wooden blocks
Thread the Maze Blue Opal Thread cord thru all holes following path
Medallion Maze Bits & Pieces Put ball in one hole, out other
Coast to Coast Binary Arts Move car rom NY to LA
Money Maze bank Mag-nif Inc Guide ball in cube maze to open bank
Leaf Worm Maze Bits & Pieces Move worm across leaf
Celtic Maze Bits & Pieces Remove ring from metal celtic shape w/ notches
Cast O'Gear Hanayama Remove 5-sided gear from box
Duet Hanayama Remove ring (that splits in 2) from maze
Wurmm RecentToys Internat. Remove curly worm from apple
University Games Smart Egg (Techno) Move stick through the egg-shaped maze
Gift Card Puzzle Creative Concepts USA Move ball thru maze to open & get gift card
  Type 5E: SEQUENTIAL MOVEMENT PUZZLES, maze & route - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_5e_01 puz_5e_02 puz_5e_03 puz_5e_04 puz_5e_05


These are puzzles that require manual dexterity. Typically they involve more physical skill (or luck) than thinking. You usually have to get balls into holes or something. Usually, getting the first ball in the first hole is simple, but as you try to get the next ball into the next hole, the first one falls out. I never liked this type of puzzle, but I collect them anyway.

Levitation Puzzle Magnif Get the marble in the middle
(maze) Houseman & Hotte Get all 4 balls thru maze to middle
? ? Get all balls into the ring
? ? Get 4 balls into the 4 holes
Black Box Puzzle General Symmetrics Get probe thru all 6 internal rings
"S" puzzle Romany Merchandise Get balls on correct sides of "S"
Gravitease-1 Magnif Get balls to float into correct holes
Gravitease-2 Magnif Get balls to float into correct holes
Gravitease-3 Magnif Get balls to float into correct holes
Gravitease-4 Magnif Get balls to float into correct holes
(puzzle coasters) ? 4 coasters with ball-in-hole puzzles
? ? Use magnetic wand to stack balls
Psycho Spagetti Koplow Games Get 2 alls to each end of knotted tube
? ? Cylindrical, get 4 balls in holes
? ? Cubical, Get 4 yellow balls in holes
? ? Cubical, get 3 red balls in holes
? ? Cubical, get 3 peg-balls in chambers
? ? Springs/plastic, get like color ball pairs in corners
Marble Puzzle Wooden souvenier Seperate 2 marbles w/out touching them
Stilleto Puzzle Puzzle Makers Inter. Get nail into washer (inside tube)
Fixit Puzzle Puzzle Makers Inter. Get Nut into Bolt (inside tube)
Billiards 8-ball Binary Arts Put 9-balls in order
? ? Put balls in squirrel/rabbit eyes
Cat Walk Grt Am Trading Co Manuever ball across catwalk
SlipperySlabs Ecotronic Ltd Place 4 colored slabs in the "H"
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_6_01 puz_6_02 puz_6_03 puz_6_04


These puzzles are usually containers of liquid, where the object is to drink from them without spilling all over yourself. I have 2 of these, each ordered from the "Bits & Pieces" catalog. They're both similar: they hold water, and you have to drink from them without spilling water out of the many holes. They are supposedly reproductions of ancient Greek or Phoenician puzzles or something like that. Cool, huh?

Puzzle Mug Bits & Pieces Drink from it without spilling
Mysterious Vessel Bits & Pieces Drink from it without spilling
(hand-made) ? Pour it without spilling
Reverse Pot Bits & Pieces Try to fill it
  Type 7: PUZZLE VESSELS - photos


If you've never seen any of these, you're missing out. I've Xeroxed them from books such as "Aha - Gotcha" by Martin Gardiner. The Leprechaun one is a classic. You have 3 pieces of paper arranged to make a picture with 15 leprechauns. You swap the 2 top pieces, and low-and-behold, you only have 14 leprechauns. Is that crazy, or what?

TYPE-8-A: PICTURE PUZZLES, Vanishing objects
Vanishing Leprechaun ? Move 2 top peices, 1 leprechaun dissapears
Teddy & the Lions Sam Loyd rotate & 1 lion dissapears (1 extra hunter)
Find the Escapee BGi rotate & 1 prisoner dissapears
Pencil Pusher Thinkfun Move 2 top pcs & white pencil turns black
  Type 8A: PICTURE PUZZLES, vanishing objects - photos

TYPE-8-B: PICTURE PUZZLES, Other Picture Puzzles
Silhouette puzzle Crystal Lines Stack 5 silhouettes to make a rabbit
Elephant Puzzle Dugald Keith Arrange 7 silhouettes to make elephant
Create a Panda Bufalo Gms Inc Arrange 6 pieces to make a panda
H.Potter Mirror vision Mattel Make pic of Harry Potter half in mirror
Daily Puzzle Thinkfun Calendar - arrange 10 tiles to make each day
  Type 8B: PICTURE PUZZLES, other - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_8b_01 puz_8b_02 puz_8b_03


These are puzzles that fold, usually to either make different flat 
pictures or to make different 3-dimensional shapes.  I decided to
break this one into 2 sub-groups:
  (a) Puzzles with an object: These are your classic folding
        puzzles where the object is to make a flat picture or
        a 3-dimensional shape.
  (b) Puzzles that you just make shapes with: These may not
        even qualify as puzzles.  They are things like Rubik's
        snake, that you bend into different shapes.  You can
        challenge people to try to make a particular shape with
        these (making them legitimate puzzles), or you can simply
        let people play with them with no goal in mind.

TYPE-9-A: FOLDING PUZZLES, Puzzles with an object to them
Rubics Magic Matchbox Make pic of 3 linked rings
Rub Mag, Masters Matchbox Unlink the rings
Create the Cube Matchbox Create a 6-sided cube
Betcha Cant Tandem 6 hex-shaped pieces, very fragile!
? Matchbox 2x2 folding puzzle, mouse/cheese pic
Yoshi's puzzle Parker Brothers Folding triangles, makes a cube
Stacked Bocks Bits & Pieces Fold wooden blocks to make a cube
Zombie Fold wood blocks to turn zombie into cube
Gingerbread Man Professor Puzzle Ltd. Fold wood blocks to turn gingerbread man into cube
Amazing StarCube Fold cube around star
  Type 9A: FOLDING PUZZLES, (with an objective to them) - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)
puz_9a_01 puz_9a_02 puz_9a_03

TYPE-9-B: FOLDING PUZZLES, Puzzles that you just make shapes with
? ? 12 plastic pieces w/spring in middle
? Binary Arts 24 folding triangles
Rubik's snake ? Folding half-cubes
Rotangle Leval Geometric sculpture
Klix ? Clicks when bent, makes a ball
Polydron Polydron, Int. Ltd Make shapes w/triangular pieces
? ? 24 black/white triangles on hinges
  Type 9B: FOLDING PUZZLES, (with no objective to them) - photos
      (click on a photo to expand it)


These are real neat. I made one with an arrow made of solid pine stuck through a small hole in a coin. The point & tail of the arrow were much larger than the hole in the coin. The trick is not to take it apart (it doesn't come apart), but to figure out how it got in there. Generally, the object of all of these puzzles is simply to think about them and determine how they are possible.

(arrow thru coin) (home-made) Arrow made of solid wood
(screw in bottle) (home-made) Brass screw thru wood dowel in bottle
(braids) (home-made) Leather w/3 strands, connected @ ends
Puzzle ball ? Concentric balls carved from one solid pc
Ball in cage ? Wood ball carved inside wood cage
Arrow in Bottle Ve? Slaughter Wooden arrow through sm holes in bottle
  Type 10: IMPOSSIBLE OBJECTS - photos

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